June 13, 2024

Every individual has the right to basic housing regardless of race, gender, or social status.

The city is responsible for providing and allocating government-subsidised housing. The Gauteng Province and the City have delivered over 29 000 housing units, and over 17 000 stand-alone units (together).

Applicants for an RDP house must meet the requirements of the National Housing Subsidy Scheme. This means you must be:

  • A South African citizen with a valid ID,
  • Over the age of 21 and mentally competent to sign a contract,
  • Married or living with a partner, or single and have dependants (single military veterans or aged people without dependents also qualify),
  • Earn less than R3 500 per month per household (so, if two people in your family earn and these earnings amount to more than R3 500 per month you will not qualify),
  • A first-time government subsidy recipient,
  • A first-time homeowner.

You need to submit the following documents to your nearest customer service centre in order to apply for a government subsidy house:

  • Applicant and spouse’s identity documents (green book or ID card),
  • Certified copies of birth certificates of children,
  • Proof of income if working, e.g., pay slip.

You will need to fill out the application form for housing subsidies and then be added to the Municipal Housing Demand database. You will only receive keys and a title deed to your home if the housing development is completed and if your name is next on the list.


  • It is illegal to sell an RDP house before you have lived in it for eight years.
  • It is illegal to rent out an RDP house.
  • Should you want to extend or renovate an RDP home before eight years of ownership, you need to get permission from the city.
  • If you are disabled, the design of the house may change to accommodate the special needs of the person’s disability.

275 thoughts on “RDP housing Application

  1. Good day. How do I apply for the RDP house? I need a place to stay. Thank u

  2. My name is Johannes hlaka from Polokwane in a small village called ga molepo…… M 33 year old unemployed guy, my contact number is 0725321221

  3. Hi mama
    I really need to apply for RDP house please assist me I need this house for my daughter. I will really appreciate your help

  4. Mzikayise Zama I Kindly Would Like To Apply For The Administration job I possess diploma in public management and have four years experience in the field my email address siyabongazama10@gmail.com 0739804666/0783899847

  5. Oh my goodness this is what I needed to know on how you apply for RDP house… thank you so much

  6. Hi
    I’m Zanele Mpungose where is customer service centre in KZN Durban? I want to apply for this RDP.

  7. Hello it’s Theo hlomane am 26 years old Am looking for a job am having a code 10 n grade 12 am

  8. I would like to apply for RDP I have no one my deserted me because I’m not working so ryt now I’m busy looking for any job I can get I have security certificate with valid Psira with no experience it’s will be my pleasure to hear back from you soon

  9. Hi ….Dr Mkhize ngthemba uyapila ngngajabula kubaa nekhaya nami nghlal kocousin angnandawo ngnomntwan ona 4yrs akafundi ngoba angisebenzi ngyawudinga umsebenzi nendlu ngokunjalo

  10. Greetings Dr Mkhize
    Am Phiwokuhle Nkosi a loving Mom…And I would like to thake this opportunity and apply for an RDP house because I believe that as a parent It is important to secure a bright future for my kids and for them to have a stable home,It will help my Kids to have a comfortable home of their own, and live at it in peace.
    Thank you.

  11. I would like to apply for housing I’m currently unemployed,I am living in a household of more than 20 kids whom are orphans their parents past away,

  12. Plz help me with rdp house I stay with my mother & 2 young child the is no one who working we use the money of grant to buy foods we are struggling I finished my matric on larst yearh and my result didn’t go well I didn’t find even pice jobs plz help me

  13. Hello mkhize I mother of 2 boys wish u help me please lv help me I need home of my boys I’m single man

  14. Single mam ngiya kudinga usizo ukuthi bafana bami babe nekubo kuthi bengilele ngazi kuthi bane ndawo abayibiza ngekhaya

  15. Ngingaku JABULELA kakhulu uku thola indlu ekhaya Washa ngizame ngisho uku ngenela I competition yo khozi ka mam mkhize nganga wina. Isona sifiso Sami leso esikhulu thank you.

  16. Can you please enlighten on where to submit the application for RDP. Thanks in advance.

  17. Omg I have been needing to register for housing for quite sometime now. I just don’t know where to start. Please if someone can explain where is the service centre?

  18. Morning Mom …i really need a place to stay im in durban plss help me out …how to apply these no space to apply noma kumele ngye straight kwaHousing but ngosizo lwakho kungalunga sengfisa indlela yokugxumana nawe mathupha nkosazane

  19. Hi I would like to get more information on how to apply for the RDP house.. please i really need it

  20. Not working at the moment, so I’m struggling with rent every month, an RDP house would be very helpful, id have a home for me and my daughter, and use the money I’m renting for food.

  21. Morning I am Tshaka Songezo I’m in Gauteng from Eastern Cape, I have no house, I am crushing at a friend’s place looking for a job, I have Btech in Public Management I feel like I am failing my child I am even thinking of committing suicide cz the education I have does not work at all so a house will make a huge deference, how can I apply for it?

  22. Ngiyasebenza kodwa ngihola kancane futhi angikwzazi ukuthenga ikhaya lezingane Zane. Ngijabule kakhulu ngibona Loki sizo futhi ngajabula kakhulu kakhulu mengase ngisizakale. Ngihlala emjondolo kamalume nezingane zami kanye nomama wabo. Ngicela ningisize futhi ngiyabonga. Ngicela ukwazi ukuthi ngingenza njani ukuthi ngi-apply.

  23. Hey doctor Shauwn my mom…please I realy need a house, we don’t have house to stay and we’re not Working…..we don’t have parent , am the only one who’s take of my siblings….and we don’t have house…..thank you sazophendula

  24. Morning Mamkhize ngicela nami ungibale ku RDP house ngoba awekho ama forms kulelipage??

  25. Morning, how do I apply for housing?

    Albert Williams from Pretoria Soshanguve

  26. I would realy like have a RDP house just for my kids to have a place called home

  27. Good day i would really love to have a home and a house for my family ,my mother especially since we are renting and we are 4 in that place doing everything in one place.

  28. My Grandmother needs a RDP, we are three in my house and living in a two room for years, I tried to hustle but jobs are scarce so I decided to go to university and my grandmother used her pension money to make sure I’m sorted it’s my first. We live in Mpumalanga Nelspruit Nkomazi in kwasibhejane.

  29. I need help to apply for RDP house ,I’ve been renting for so many year ,and now it’s not nice any more, just want it for my kids to have place to stay ? ?

  30. Morning mamkhize mya name is siyabongeka Nyembe I would really like to apply for RDP house I’m unemployed with two children and @ home will stay on the 4 room with my siblings,uncle,aunt

  31. Hi Mumsi,hope you well.

    May I ask what is the procedure we have to follow in order to apply for the rdp house?

  32. I am man of 32 years of age living in Kwa-Zulu Natal. In a disadvantageous area which I move to for a better living than my hometown that if maybe happens I get an RDP I would be more happier if I get one from my hometown because I want to start my own family.

  33. Hi MamKhize I can’t see where to apply pls help me I really need a house I’ve got 3 kids & only depending on sassa grant for d kids in unemployed, I Wil real appreciate ur help mom

  34. Hello Dr Mkhize
    Mina ngina35 ngihlala Alexandra,nomndeni wami abawu 5 sihlala Ku 1 room

  35. Hi I’m from Durban umlazi looking for rdp house, me and my two girls. I’m a single parent.

  36. Akuve kumnandi ukuba nekhaya especially if unganabo nabazali , kumnandi uhlale ekhaya nabantwana bakini, ngyayidinga indlu how to apply Dr Mkhize.

  37. Hy mum my is Sbonakaliso 35 years of age i also looking for RDP house and driving job please ngosizo lwakho ngingaphumelela

  38. I really need to apply for a house me and my home siblings but how please assist anyone who had done it.

  39. Hello ma I’m a student at the Eastern Cape I would also like to apply for the RDP house for my family.

  40. Morning Dr Mkhize. I would like assistance on how to apply for the rdp house pls. If applications are done online pls provide a link or webpage or if it applied for physically pls provide info like where to collect the application forms as well as where to submit them… Thank you.

  41. Hi Dr Shauwn thanks for everything that you do for the poor people i also want to apply for RDP house i have staying in Durban more than 18 years without a home this could change my life complity

  42. Good morning
    I am Fezike Lungile Zuma from Greytown

    I want register for an RDP house. Where do we get application forms?

  43. Hi DrShauwn Mkhize mina ngihlala eshakashead nabantwana Bami abawu 2 nezingane zosisi Bami I’m a bread winner and na 41 ngisacela iRDP ngasethekwini ngingathokoza Khabazela

  44. Hy mina ngcela kwazi Ku apply knjn ekhaya sbay10 ten akekho osebenzayo sihalala endlini yodaka nayo engekho esmeni esiryt..ngcela ukwazi how to apply syaldinga uxhaso

  45. I mama, I really need RDP how to apply?
    Ngyacela engathi scelo sami singaphumelela?

  46. I really need a place to live, please kindly get back to me to fill in the application form

  47. Sawbona maMkhize igama lami ngingu Lindokuhle Gamede ngihlala eKZN eLadysmith ngina 28years old ngihlala naba fwethu ababile ona 21years nona 15years siphila ngemali ye grant R450 yalona 15years kuphela ekekho sebenzayo besiphila ngemali yamalo yokugula wandlula emhlabeni ngo 2020 enyangeni ka May isimo savele sanzima kakhulu kunakuqala kanti vele sihlala emkhukhwini nawo suyawa udliwa umuhlo besicela usakhele indlu nkosyami ? isimo sinzima kakhulu nomsebenzi angiwtholi kubi kakhulu inhlupheko idla lubi lakithi mesingathola indlu kobe sekwanele please ??

  48. Hello dr mkhize i need your help i need a home for my 4 kids nd am not working

  49. My name is Nomfundo Ntombela I would like to apply for the RDP house my number is 0628840091

  50. A house is a need, you found out that you are working and renting but you cannot afford a house for your growing family and this causes a great enxiety for you as a bread winner so this is a great relief ???

  51. Sawbon Mamkhize ngicela usizo lwakho ntokazi ngithole indawo yokufihla ikhanda ngihlala emjondolo yaseSpringfield Durban ngathokoza uma ngathola indlu nkosazane YaMaKhabazela.

  52. Sawubona Mamkhize, I would like to apply. Where can I get the form. Thank you.

  53. Sawubona doctor Mkhize igama Lami Nokuthula Princess Khumalo bengisacela usizo uma kukhona imse Enzi evelayo cela ungiqashe ngoba 29 nine years old angisebenzi ngihlala nogogo nomntwana kasisi wami ngiyizamile impilo akulu ngi ngi no grade 13 Bengenza I carpentry 2020 to 2021 ediepsloot jbg kulonyaka ngicingana nomsebenzi angikawutho ngiyacela doctor Mkhize.y

  54. Hi.

    I am interested in applying for the RDP house, I need a place to stay and I am 26 years old. It would be my pleasure if my request has been considered.I have been kicked out from home since I am not working.

    Kind regards.

  55. Hi DR Mkhize like to apply for RDP house have got two children I’m not working I have cashier certificate computerized certificate I need job I’m hard worker and I need a home please

  56. Sanibona igama uLondi ngcela ukwaz kuapplaywa kuphi iRDP house ngilapha eMthwalume ngokuhlala ngyabonga

  57. Hi cc I really need house m from the small town called Hluhluwe ? pls

  58. Hellow I’m Nokwazi from Durban i stay with my mum n my sick grandmother we need RDP house becuase of indlu esihlala kuyo ayilungile makunetha iyaconsa ….kade salinda ukwakhelwa kodwa lutho bafike bashutha kuphela iwile salinda saze saphesha ngothayela

  59. Hai I’m in need of a house I’m renting I have 2 sisters with their kids and my son they are unemployed I’m the only one who is working ,I’m at KwaDlangezwa empangeni. Please assist

  60. Good day Dr Shaun Mkhize
    I Mzomuhle Christopher Shandu 35 years old and I have two kids
    Would like to apply for a RDP house I’m staying at Inanda my contacts no. (0762872844) or (0607342879)
    Thank you ??

  61. Dear Mamkhize
    I have no sad story to tell but I would really appreciate it if u can plz help me get a home for my kids as it it is hard to raise enough money for a proper shelter with my name on it.I always pray to God to keep me alive until my kids are old enough to fend for themselves since they will have no one should I die.plz sisi help me get an Rdp house?

  62. Hey, I’ve applied for an RDP and I’m approved, what I need is a permanent job, currently I’m corresponding with unisa

  63. Hy MaMkhize please help me and kids, i am Londiwe Mbedu, 31 years old, a 4th year unisa student, i have two beautiful kids a boy and girl, i am desperately in need of a RDP house , it’s very hard to rent with kids, i am not working, at least if i can get a shelter ? please my no: 0761015709

  64. I need a ROD house anfa job n i will be honered if I get one because no one is work recently at home and at school plz help the way u could as we can see your help the south African people with needy one just pho me I am an orphan n my data passed away when I was a child n my mom I don’t know where she is so I live with my siblings they can not help me the person that ways helping me he passed away in2019 so no one in my siblings are willing to help even she I am asking for anything I would be greatfull if I get one of the ROD house

  65. Ngiyabongelela Kwa Mkhize , ngicela ukuthola ulwazi lokuba , ku apply (ywa) kanjani ukuthola indlu yomxhaso . Ngiyabonga nisazophendula
    Kind regards
    Mdu Mvelase

  66. Hi I am 25 years old I am desperately need to apply for RDP house I’m not working and my little sister she’s doing grade 11 no one is helping us is hard to rent while you are unemployed and my little sister She dependent on me. I will be happy when I can get this house.

  67. Where can i get the form to apply for RDP house Dr SHAWN MKHIZE. I am a single lady with 2 children they are depending on me n i am not working i only receive child support grant

  68. Hello ma’am I would love to apply for an rdp house in the north west in a village by the name of Ganyesa near Vryburg town

  69. I’m Nqobile Ngidi, I really need RDP house, please assist how do I apply?

  70. Hi
    I’m Nondumiso Madonsela where is customer service centre in KZN Durban? I want to apply for this RDP.

  71. I am from Limpopo …I need an RDP house ….m 28 years of age and unemployed.

  72. I’m a single parent with 3 kids working as a waitress, I’m from pmb I can be very happy if I can qualify for RDP house ❤️❤️❤️

  73. I am a Public Relations and Communication Science Diploma Graduate, seeking for any vacancies that may be available at your disposal. It may be in terms with my qualification or anywhere most fitting as well. I live in Durban, Umlazi and would truly appreciate your assistance in with a RDP house as well. I hope you see this in time and may find it appealing to your criteria.

  74. Hello am Nonkanyiso Mthembu i am currently unemployed i really need a RDP house

  75. Hi please i need RDP house i’m Ntombikhona Mokhele 32 years from Pietermsritzburg i have 3children not working thank you

  76. I’m a single mom
    I really need a shelter over my head
    Please help me with the application form

  77. Hai Dr Mkhuze

    I am indeed in need of a house , m staying with my two boys . One finished school last year and the other one is in grade 10 , we all using one bedroom. We stay in Kzn ( Eshowe )

  78. Hi mamkhiza I am Sisanda Khalimashe I will appreciate your help with RDP house I really need it I’m unemployed young lady who living with depression condition but I copy with the grace of God. My cell phone number 0719998009 staying in Cape town

  79. I am Senzo Shozi.32 years of age with 2 sons.I am renting a house with my fiance.I am looking forward to get this RDP house for my children to have safe home.I am not working for now but only my fiance that is working and I am 100% sure that we can afford to pay that price. My number is 0785545317 email ; Javas.zn@gmail.com. Please MaMkhize.

    Thank you.

  80. Kenny Madigwe 33 year Post Graduate in Public Management, Resides in Pretoria looking for Job. Please assist. RDP also

  81. Hi I’m Zanele Ngema I really need a house ? I’m in jhb I don’t have a sad story to tell but I really need a house.

  82. Hi Mamkhize ngiqashile nabantwana kodwa umasitende unyuse imali kodwa indlu iyadilika akafuni kuyilungisa ngihlezi ngoba ngisondelele iskole ngisho itoilet alikho ..ireal need this house please?

  83. Kenny Madigwe 33 year Post Graduate in Public Management, Resides in Pretoria looking for Job. Please assist. RDP also

  84. Hello mamMkhize my name is Zinhle Dube,from uMthwalume I’d also appreciate an RDP house I’m 29 years ald I really need to have my own peaceful place.kindly assist me on how to go about applying.thank u

  85. My name Is Nontokozo Mntambo. I really need help for the shelter as well. My contact number is 0795769963

  86. hie mama ngingajabula if izingan zam zingaba nekhaya ngafa ukuntanta netheku ngifuna indawo yokuqasha eshibhile

  87. I really need Rdp house I’m renting a room with my kids and now are growing this is not good at all specially it’s a two boys ngiyacela ningisize ngise Vryheid

  88. Hi my name is thuli from kzn umbumbulu sashonelwa umama sibancane wasishiya emzini ka gogo manje uyawa especially makunetha uyawa sizame ngodaka angisebenzi sizamile ama cancela akenzi lutho akezi nokuzobona sengiphelelwe ithemba besingathokoza masingathola umuzi singabonga kakhulu

    Ozithobayo thuli biyela

  89. Good morning mamKhize
    I want to apply for RDP house. but I don’t know how to apply

  90. Sawubona maMkhize igama nginguNompilo ngihlala Pmb ngyacela usizo lweRdp house ekhaya ngimi ngedwa ophangelayo manje ukuqasha nakho kuyinkinga ngoba ngithatha yona lemali encane kumele ngirent, ngisupport family yami ngyacela ungisize

  91. Sawubona ngingowase kzn umbumbulu ngidinga umuzi umama wasishiya sibancane sasala emzini kagogo obumudala ubuloke uwa Malina izulu uwe ema siding siwuzame kuphesha ngodaka saze sabona kungcono sihlukane sohamba suhlala la singafihla khona ikhanda Koda ikhaya alisekho? bengingajabula masingathola umuzi kuze sizokwazi ukuba umndeni sikhombe nekhaya sizamile ukuya canceleni Koda lutho usizo

    Ozithobayo thuli

  92. How do you apply i really need the rdp house wevebeen applying for more than 20 years but none of our family member got it yet our councellor gave all our neaubhours but nothing to us so we realy need iy we are a family of 9 living in a 3 room house shack plz

  93. Hello Magcwabe!i would like to thank u for the opportunity u gave us to apply for RDP house.i am the one who looking for the shelter for my family since i am the one who looking for my family n my young siblings are stil studyn so m responsible for them while their stil @ School.my wishes is to protect n them until they are able to independent.being have shelter is very important our parents are pensioner so they can’t afford with the grant they receive from government

  94. Khabazela I’m so wish that i can get a house too,me and my sister and brothers hv no place that is called our home,as I’m the oldest of them all i decide to take my sister and a small brothers to live at my fiance’s house,to take care of them, I’m not working all my responsibilities are handle by my fiance, I wish my application will be successful.Thank you!
    073 528 1002

  95. Good morning
    My neighbor is 43 years old, was helping us with gardening, fixing electric appliances almost everything and he was attacked by stroke. He does not have ID, his shack is not in good condition with no water and electricity. Please help him

  96. Hi m,mbalenhle mbokazi nami nginesicelo bandla sendlu ngineminyaka ewu 38 ngikhulele khabo mama kunomusindo bengofisa ukuba nendawo yami okungenani noma umusebenzoke angendlela engixakeke ngayo ngingajabula uma kungahle kuphumelele

  97. hello mamkhize…im evelyn can you please assist me with a place to stay….my mom died in 2006 since then i was staying with relatives…always telling me that i should leave…i got a boyfriend and stayed with him but he also treated me bad….i rented a room for me and My son and im not working….please help me with a house

  98. Hi MaMkhize…My Name is Mandisa Ngcobo I’m 27, years old who was born with a deseased both parents…Ngihlal nezingan ezu2 omuny Ona 20 omuny Na 21.Sashiwa abazali sibancan impilo inzima nje akuhlangan lutho anginayo ngish indawo yok”hlal lapho eThekwini since ngumunt ofundela ukuth sibe neksas elihl Min nengane zazesakhay….ngihamb ngihlal nje Uma umunt esebon kuth ngumthwalo wakh angxhoshe…ngyfisa nam ngelinye Lang ukuba nendawo yam nengan zasekhay…okubhlung kunakho konke akekho umunt osinaka ngisho mango Kudla emndenini konke siyazibonel..kwalowo Muzi wasekhay emakhay lapho kuhlal Khon mfan omncan wase khay kwawon usuyawa..Beng”cel bandl mam MaMkhize ongsize nge RDP ngingabong kakhul ??

  99. I really need RDP for my mother we have been living in a shark since I was born till now how do I apply pls we really need it and we unemployed

  100. Hi MaMkhize.
    This is Senzo Shozi,I am in Durban.I am living in the cottage with 2 sons and my fiance.I am 32 years old.I am looking for an RDP house for my children to have home.I can’t afford to build for them.0785545317 is my cellphone number.Email;-Javas.zn@gmail.com

    I’ll be more than hapoy to get this house.

    Thank you

  101. Hi MaMkhize!
    I am Senzokuhle Shozi.I am 32 years old.I am living with my 2 sons and my fiance,renting a cottage in Durban.I’ll be more than happy to get this RDP house for my children to have home incase i pass away.
    0785545317 is my cellphone number.

    Thank you.

  102. Hi maMkhize please assist me i really need RDP house, I am not working I am a single mom with 3 children, I am 37 years, plesse help me to apply!

  103. I wish I could register an RDP house house for my mother she’s unemployed and grant depent of my 2 siblings.Thank you in advance

  104. Hi mamkhize where do we apply I’m also mother of 4 looking for a place to stay with mykids

  105. Good Day

    I, wish to apply for a RDP house. I, have depends. We will be forever grateful.

  106. Hello Dr Mkhize I would like to apply for a RDP house my number 0747023611/0839980013 ,Email address:Bonisilezicini71@gmail.com

  107. Ngingajabula nami MaMkhize if ngingawuthola bakithi nginganikeza umama wami cz usemdala akanawo umuzi wakhe so I will ukumakhela but ke amandla awekho cz angisebenzi and yena uphila ngemali yeGrant. Inamba Yami ithi 0718356840

  108. Hello Dr Mkhize I would like to apply for a RDP houuse my number 072 348 1662.
    I’m at Mpumalanga ( Perdekop)

  109. Ngyacela bandla mamawethu nginezingane ezu 6 ngihlalemqashweni ngafisa ukuba nekhaya nam ngelinyilanga kunzim.?

  110. Hi I would love to apply for the Rdp am renting on a shack we are a family of 15 living in a 5 room house with our kids

  111. Hello mamkhize am Stanley am 29 with 1 beautiful daughter iwill like apply for rdp house iwill be happy to hear from you my number is 0663319398 please help me

  112. Good evening. My name is Sindiswa. I am a physical disable young lady. M in need of a place to call my home.. It would be my pleasure to get one of the RDP.

  113. Hi maMkhize I need a Rdp house I live in Durban I am Nqobile Ndwalane.25 yrs old my number is 0607165030.

  114. I would Appreciate An RDP House Hance We Are A Big Family So We Need Such Help As Far As Possible…I’m A 21 Year Old Currently Living In Durban, Newlands West,WestRich

  115. Good Morning Sir/Madam. I would like to know that if like I’m devoted in applying for RDP house,what steps i should follow or link? Yes I’ve seen all the requirements that I needed. But I’m failing to obtain proper link or an email i can use to share those papers of applying for RDP house. Please assist.
    My name is Sibongiseni Mkhonza from KwaZulu Natal. WhatsApp ( 063 875 4148)
    Mobile no( 062 731 4593) email address ( mkhonzasb202@gmail.com) .
    I thank you!!!

  116. Hai Dr Shaun Mkhize i would be happy to have a RDP i live in Gauteng for renting where can i apply the house( RDP ) i will be happy to get a reply thnkx

  117. Hi my name is vuyisile from emalahleni Mpumalanga I really appreciate it if you can consider me and my kids for an RDP house I have four children one with disability he doesn’t walk or talk we are staying at my grandmother 4 room I just want my kids to have their own home since I apply for one but nothing has happened please help us

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