May 17, 2023

Vodacom is a leading and purpose-led telecommunication company and going through a thrilling transformation and has many exciting job opportunities available.

If you are a guru in Technology, Big Data, or Digital Channels, then these positions are for you.

select the profession, read through the role description,  button at the bottom of the page to make your next career move with Vodacom.

Who Vodacom is looking for

Vodacom is made up of game-changers and future-makers, including various technical experts.

The company is currently developing new ways to continue its legacy of innovation and creating a more connected world, and Vodacom needs people with skills in the following fields to achieve this goal:

  • Software Engineers
  • UX Specialists
  • Ecommerce and Digital Sales Specialists
  • Data Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Dev Ops Engineers

Working for Vodacom

Vodacom is a Global Telecommunication company that is striving to create a more connected, sustainable, and inclusive future.

It can shape your future, too, by taking your career to the next level as you join the journey to create a better world.

Part of this journey involves Vodacom striving for gender and racial equality by empowering women and fighting against discrimination.

Vodacom is also committed to supporting disabled colleagues by ensuring that it builds an environment where everybody can thrive.

This makes Vodacom a perfect working environment that is safe for everyone.

Join Vodacom today to make an impact you can see and feel.

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  1. Dear employer I’m a jobseeker I would love to work at Vodacom for any job position I’m south african

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